Decarboxy carnosine HCL


INCI: Decarboxy carnosine HCL

What is Decarboxy carnosine HCL?

Decarboxy carnosine is a synthetic heterocyclic peptide. It comes as a turbid liquid.  It has many functional groups in its structure, which provides it certain qualities.  It prevents oxidative damages that have occurred in cell membranes, as it reduces the fatty acid peroxidase enzyme.  

Use & Benefits

It is considered antioxidant in nature; thus, it saves the ongoing damage caused by free radicals. It also helps the skin improve the visible signs of aging. It also acts as a sun protective agent, and any photodamage can also be cured when it is used in the formulation. It is non-toxic and non-irritant in nature, plus it has anti-in-inflammatory properties. Thus it is useful in case of sensitive skin. It is used in skin care, sun care, and day care products. Also, it is used as an antistatic and hair conditioning agent, used in hair care preparation.

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