Copaifera Officinalis resin


INCI: Copaifera Officinalis resin

What is Copaifera Officinalis resin or (Diesel tree)?

Copaifera officinalis is a rainforest canopy tree. It is also known as the diesel tree. The resin obtained from the tree is known as Copaiba balsam, it is an oleoresin, which accumulates in the cavities within the tree trunk. It is also distilled to get the volatile oil. Copaiba balsam contains volatile oil, resin, and acids like benzoic acid and arachidonic acid. Caryophyllene is the major constituent of volatile oil. It is a brownish yellow colored product with a characteristic odor.

Use & Benefits

The oleoresin and the caryophyllene are antibacterial and anti-inflammatory in nature. In cosmetics, it is mainly used in perfumery or as a fragrance component. It also helps in the preparation that has to form a film to exert the effect. It is also used in preparations like soaps, creams, perfumes, detergents, bubble baths, and lotions.

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