Commiphora myrrha resin extract


INCI: Commiphora myrrha resin extract

What is Commiphora myrrha resin extract?

Commiphora myrrha is a plant, growing in Eastern Africa and Arabia, oozes out pale-yellow liquid upon cutting the bark of the plant. The aromatic gummy resin obtained this way is also known as “Myrrh.” Upon drying, it changes color to reddish-brown. The active constituents include organic constituents such as limonene, germacrene B, or myrcenol, to name a few. Also, it contains various inorganic ions like selenium, iron, chromium, calcium, and arsenic.

Use & Benefits

Myrrh oil and resin extracts are used in perfumery mainly. Myrrh resin is useful with the skin care aspect. The sesquiterpene- curzerene found in Myrrh resin carries activity against free radicals & antioxidant action. Limonene is another active constituent, which is also very helpful in cleansing action on the skin. Inorganic ions like selenium also are an antioxidant, which can fight reactive oxygen species (ROS), otherwise can damage a cell’s natural cycle and create various problems starting from gene change to cell death.  It is used in various preparations like cleansers, creams, and lotions. It also has antiseptic properties, along with healing properties so it can be used in case of acne prone skin.  As mentioned earlier it is an antioxidant, so it automatically implies that it can also act as an antiaging since it prevents skin from free radicals damaging actions and helps eliminate visible signs of aging like fine lines or wrinkles. 

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