CI 77288


INCI: CI 77288

What is CI 77288 or Chromium oxide?

Chromium oxide is a green inorganic pigment synthesized from sodium dichromate by chemical reaction or sometimes extracted from natural resources from earth’s crust. It has to be at a minimum level of heavy metals in the last case to be compliant with the FDA.  It is forest green in color, mixed with titanium dioxide to create different shades in green color. It is approved by FDA in a certain percentage, and since it has chromium ion which has six valances, it can react and produce adverse effects, so it is not allowed to use in lip products.

Use & Benefits

It gives green shade to a product It provides excellent dispersibility in any product.  It is free from any plant or animal-derived components. It is used in bath products, personal care products and all kinds of color cosmetics except lip care products.

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