INCI: Cholesterol

What is Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a sterol and found in our body in the bloodstream and who does not know the detrimental effect of it when in excess. For topical application, cholesterol is very much useful. It is usually obtained from sheep wool. Grease found from sheep wool has to undergo little series of a process called extraction with petroleum ether, followed by purification with repeated bromination. It is obtained as white granules or powder. There are three fats, namely- ceramides (50%), Cholesterol (25%) and other fatty acids (10-15%) form the glue-like structure around skin cells and makes the outer layer of a skin firmer and resilient to external factors. If this layer is broken, it leads to moisture loss result in drier, dull and aged skin.

Use & Benefits

It is beneficial for dry and sensitive skin, since being a part of the outer skin layer, it instantly heals the chapped and dried skin and improvement is faster. It forms a water repellant layer over the skin or hair surface, prevents water loss and traps whatever moisture present there. The moisture pool within the skin remains almost unaffected when cholesterol is topically applied, which brings vitality in skin appearance and skin becomes supple and soft. So, it is a natural emollient. It is found in lotions, creams and hair care products like conditioners.

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