INCI: Chloroxylenol

What is Chloroxylenol?

Chloroxylenol, another name-PCMX (para-chloro-meta-xylenol), is an FDA approved antiseptic. Chemically speaking, it belongs to a phenolic group of disinfectants. It comes as a crystalline powder.

Use & Benefits

It contains -OH group, that is lethal to microorganisms, it may be a bacteria or virus hiding in dirt or in anything that comes in contact with skin. The skin itself has a microflora that is a mixture of harmful as well as useful bacteria. PCMX is particularly lethal for the damaging ones. Sweating is not a problem until it is dominated by an odor, and for this unpleasant odor, harmful bacteria are responsible. In order to avoid it from the root cause, one has to use antiseptic or disinfectant like PCMX. So, it is used as a deodorant in talcum powder, soaps, cleansing products, and feminine hygiene products. It is also collectively called “cosmetic biocide.” It is also effective on fungi. It does not support fungal growth, in any product in any favorable conditions like moisture and elevated temperatures. It acts as a preservative, in any formulation like skin cleansers, shampoos, feminine hygiene products, and makeup products as well.

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