Ceresin wax


INCI: Ceresin wax

What is Ceresin wax?

Ceresin is a wax, white to yellow in color, a mixture of hydrocarbons, usually obtained when ozokerite (A natural clay) purification process is carried out.

Use & Benefits

It is important with the context of the formulation. It is usually used as a substitute for beeswax and paraffin in protective creams. It improves suspension properties, viscosity, and stability of skin care preparation. Due to the long chain and saturated hydrocarbon structure, it does not carry any charge on structure, that makes it suitable as antistatic. Also, it forms a water repellant layer over the hair shaft, which conditions hair and makes hair look bouncy and shining. It is used in a wide variety of formulations including body care, skin care, hair care, makeup related as well as sun protection products.

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