Caprylyl methicone


INCI: Caprylyl methicone

What is Caprylyl methicone?

Caprylyl methicone can be considered as siloxane polymer. More chemically speaking it is an alkylmethyl silicone. It is a clear liquid.

Use & Benefits

Just like other siloxane polymers, it imparts improved spreadability, decreased greasiness and silky-smooth feel to cosmetic products. It has excellent compatibility with other organic ingredients. It is hydrophobic in nature, so it forms a water-resistant barrier. This barrier can help to keep contaminants at bay. Siloxanes or silicones are also helpful in increasing SPF of any sunscreen product, the non-irritant property is added advantage when using silicones. Caprylyl methicone is volatile in nature, so it is particularly helpful in skin cleansers, wherein it helps lift and discard dirt along without any irritation.

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