Caffeic acid


INCI: Caffeic acid

What is Caffeic acid?

It is a polyphenolic compound and one of the derivatives of cinnamic acid. It is found in blueberries, fruits such as apples, coffee, and many plant tissues. Polyphenolic compounds are natural antimicrobials. It comes as a natural or artificial form in pale yellow to yellow crystalline powder.

Use & Benefits

Caffeic acid is a potent natural antioxidant. It is mainly used to improve skin conditions like wrinkled, dull and saggy skin due to oxidative stress. Also, it is believed to enhance collagen production. It is one of the natural antimicrobials, so it stabilizes the products, as well as helps infected skin, heals faster. Glycoside form of caffeic acid has more skin lightening effect. In a newer concept, caffeic acid is encapsulated in a particular delivery system and used in products related to exfoliation.

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