C12-18 Acid triglyceride


INCI: C12-18 Acid triglyceride

What is C12-18 Acid triglyceride?

A mixture of saturated acids containing 12-18 carbons chain is used as an alkyl chain. Usually, this alkyl chain is tailor-made to get the desired effect. This alkyl chain is then reacted with glycerin triester. The resultant molecule is then used as per desired properties in the cosmetics.. 

Use & Benefits

Looking at its structure it has three esters in it. So, it is very much lipophilic. Also, When spread on any surface of skin or hair, it is occlusive-meaning it won’t let moisture pass through it and released into the environment. So it is beneficial for dry skin or dry hair. It is used to increase viscosity in any product. It is also used as a skin conditioning agent. 

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