Bismuth Oxychloride


INCI: Bismuth Oxychloride

What is Bismuth Oxychloride?

Bismuth oxychloride is an inorganic compound, lustrous white solid, insoluble in water. It is a pigment with a diamond or pearl finish. It can be found naturally in bismoclite (a rare mineral) and can be produced from copper, tin or lead, followed by a series of reaction to convert it to purified bismuth oxychloride.   

Use & Benefits

Bismuth oxychloride, as mentioned earlier is water-insoluble, and it has a very strong affinity for skin. So, it is used in decorative cosmetic like, eyeshadows, lipstick. It gives smooth, even application and has good skin adhesion.  It is also used in matt color for skin. It is used as a filler in making compact powder.

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