Bee pollen extract


INCI: Bee pollen extract

What is Bee pollen extract?

Bee pollen extract is centuries old discovery, forgotten and brought again because of its highly nutritious quality. According to some old findings, it has the power to take aging to its slowest pace, both the ways when taken internally or applied externally. But It is allergenic also, and trials for obtaining a synthetic variety of it also has been carried out to solve this problem. The extracts are made aqueous or alcohol based. The Bee pollen contains 35% of protein- all essential amino acids, almost all vitamins except Vitamin K, fat and carbohydrate to a lesser extent. It also contains flavonoids and glycosides.

Use & Benefits

It contains a variety of vitamins as well as flavonoids, so It may act as an antioxidant, free radical scavenger, delays oxidative stress-related aging. It soothes skin, also has some emollient properties. It also acts as astringent so might give a tingling sensation on the skin. It nourishes skin and hair. Its effectiveness is still under investigation. It is used in topical products such as lotions, ointments, creams, gels, hair care product, and toners. 


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