INCI: Arginine

What is Arginine?

Arginine is an essential basic amino acid. It is found in human body, but considering aging and higher demand in the body, it gets used quickly. It is synthesized using the fermentation process.

Use & Benefits

Maintaining pH in the formulation is very important. To maintain the aesthetic look of the product, to get the of active ingredient, to stabilize the product and to avoid any harm to the skin. Arginine is naturally maximum effect alkaline, so it is used to adjust pH in the formula or as a neutralizer. Its odorless characteristic makes it preferable over other amino acids. To get the best rheological control in the formulation from acrylate polymers, they need to get neutralized by arginine. Also, in hair color products, to avoid ammonia smell and to make them milder to the skin, arginine is used to keep the formulation alkaline.

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