INCI: Aqua

What is Aqua or Water?

Water is probably, the most important ingredient in skin care, and it is mainly used as a solvent. Deionized or demineralized water is standard water with much less content in other substance like salts. There are several reasons why tap water or normal water are not ideal when making cosmetics and skin care preparations.

Type of water



Suitability for use in cosmetics

Tap water

Filtration and treatment at the primary basis

Very slightly impure, impurities like metal and other ions

not suitable as ions may interact with other ions and may create salts or soaps.

Distilled water

Water is boiled, vapors are condensed to get distilled water

Some impurities boiled at a temperature lower than boiling water temperature can still remain, for example, alcohol, carbon dioxide from the air can also get incorporated in water.

Not suitable as it may alter physical characteristics.

Deionized or demineralized water

Water purified by RO or NANO purification

Ions like calcium, magnesium, iron or copper are removed

Yes, suitable as no interacting ions present

Purified water

It can be either distilled or deionized

Ions and metal removed

Overly pure for a cosmetic product

Use & Benefits

Water or Aqua is the primary solvent in most of the formulations. It not only dissolves but also distributes the water-soluble active ingredient uniformly in a product. It is naturally available in abundance. 


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