INCI: Alanine

What is Alanine?

Alanine is dispensable aminoacid, amongst the 20 important amino acids of the body. It has both acidic (-COO-) and basic (-NH3) functional groups in its structure. Therefore, it’s neutral, hydrophobic in nature.  Although the body can make its own alanine, it gets used quickly by the body itself, and for skin, a topical application makes it readily available for utilization.

Use & Benefits

Due to its neutral and hydrophobic property, alanine is used as a conditioning agent for skin and hair. It is also useful to alter the micro electric charge on the hair and skin, making itself a very useful antistatic agent, which improves the texture of hair making them smoother and stick together nicely.  In case of skin care, it makes a useful ingredient for face powders. It also acts as a masking agent.

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