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INCI: Pyrus cydonia seed extract.

What is Pyrus cydonia seed extract or Quince seed?

Quince seed-bearing fruit is also known as Pyrus cydonia. It is a fruit-bearing deciduous tree. It is native to Western Asia, Turkey, Iran, and Afghanistan. The quince fruit is similar in appearance to pear fruit when ripened. The fruit is pulpy and fleshy with several seeds in between. It has a tart flavor which makes it useful to make jams and jellies. The extract obtained from its seeds and fruits is used in cosmetic products.

Use & Benefits:

It functions as a skin conditioning and masking agent and also as an astringent in cosmetic products. As an astringent, it forms a partial complex with skin protein and dead skin cells, causes desquamation of skin cells, and constricts the pores of the skin. Thus, it reduces excess oil secretion and redness from the skin. It keeps skin free of dust and dirt and helps to prevent infections. Since the dead skin cell layer, dust and bacteria can be easily removed using astringent, the newer cells show up on the skin surface which brightens up the skin and makes it even-toned. Its fragrance makes it useful as a masking agent, used to mask the disagreeable smell of other ingredients in the product. When used it forms a thin layer on the surface of the skin. It helps in keeping the skin hydrated and prevents dehydration. It makes skin conditioned and makes it appear smooth and silky. It is used in formulations of creams, lotions, gels, moisturizers, shampoos, conditioners, and other skin and hair care products.





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