INCI: Fructose

¿Qué es Fructose o Fructosa?

La fructosa es un isómero de la sacarosa, lo que significa que tienen los mismos componentes pero son estructuralmente diferentes y por lo tanto se comportan de manera diferente. La fructosa es abundante en frutas y miel. Es el más dulce de todos los isómeros. No se recomienda ingerir con frecuencia debido a sus efectos secundarios insalubres, pero tópicamente puede tener un efecto positivo en la piel. 

Usos & Beneficios

It’s used as a flavoring agent in the form of a syrup in various preparations. Thanks to its chemical structure, it can hold and carry water molecules along its length. When applied on the skin, it draws moisture from it. It can also be considered a topical exfoliant as it loosens the dead skin cells, dirt, and microbes which cling to skin’s surface. The removal of dead skin cells reveals a healthy new layer of skin. The skin looks smooth and luminous. It also has conditions properties, when applied to the skin it forms a film on the surface, and thus protects the skin from environmental factors.  Can be found in the formulations of cleansing products, hair care products, skin care products, bath products, face powder, and eye makeup.