Ácido Fólico

INCI: Folic acid

¿Qué es Ácido Fólico o Folixc Acid?

El ácido fólico es un miembro del grupo del complejo de vitamina B. Precisamente la vitamina B9 se encuentra en las verduras de hoja verde, cereales, legumbres y frutas cítricas. Es beneficioso para nuestra piel tanto por vía oral como tópica. Se integra en las secuencias de ADN y ayuda a reparar y cambiar la piel de forma improvisada. Se presenta como un polvo cristalino e inodoro. Acondicionador para la preparación de sólidos y líquidos.

Usos & Beneficios

It is, just like other vitamins antioxidant in nature. It not only saves skin from any oxidative damage but also prevents damage caused by free radicals. Skin when exposed to any harsh environment for a prolonged time like sunlight, chemicals or polluted air; its minor cellular components gets depleted either by oxidation or by free radical formation. As a result, premature aging, discoloration of the skin, dark spots, etc. start appearing. Folic acid, when applied on the skin, it slowly integrates into to skin structure, strengthens and repairs it. It also has emollient properties; it forms a layer over the skin, which prevents moisture from escaping. Moisturized and well-hydrated skin are strong enough to fight against adverse conditions. Regularly when used, it improves skin’s health and condition. It is used in facial creams, lotions, anti-aging creams, and serums, in scrubs and some the hair care products as well.