Glycerol trioleate 

INCI: Triolein

What is Triolein?

Glycerol trioleate also is known as triolein, is a monoacid triglyceride. It comes as a clear pale-yellow viscous liquid. It is manufactured by triglyceride by esterification of the oleic acid with the three hydroxy groups of glycerol. It is one of the components of Lorenzo oil.

Use & Benefits

Glycerol trioleate has oleic acid in its structure, which is very beneficial for the skin. It is a skin-conditioning agent, it moisturizes the skin and forms a film over the skin. It can be used as a viscosity controlling agent, helps provide the desirable viscosity for a product. Can be used in body care, skincare and hair care products, toiletries, makeup products, and decorative cosmetics.