(Vitamin E)

INCI: Tocopherol

What is Tocopherol?

An antioxidant meaning that it reacts with oxygenated species and other unstable species to by losing/giving away an electron to the radical species making it neutral and stable hence it’s antioxidant properties.

Use & Benefits

Its antioxidant properties allow it to interact with reactive oxidation species (ROSS) which are known for contributing to cell death and give rise to loss of skin elasticity, loss of cologne making the skin look dull and flat plus creating fine lines which are prominent around the eyes and mouth area where the skin is thinner.  In the cell membranes tocopherol can prevent the propagation of free radical reactions this in turn reduces the loss of lipid membran cells and maintanes an intact structure.

In terms of UV protection, Vitamin E can absorb UVB rays giving some protection. With the addition of Vitamin C, they both can provide better defense against the effects of UV rays and help preventand reduce pre/mature aging from the free radicals caused by UV damage.