INCI: Radix lithospermum erythrorhizone

What is Radix lithospermum erythrorhizone?

Groom well also known as Zi Cao in Chinese, is a root native to China. In recent years groom well is shaping up to be very powerful medicinally as well as cosmetically useful herb. The dried root is mainly used. It contains naphthoquinone derivatives such as shikonin and alkannin and other derivatives of these two ingredients.

Use & Benefits

Shikonin has been found to have anti-inflammatory, cell rejuvenating and tissue repairing capabilities. It can be used for sensitive skin since it can help reduce any sort of inflammation and provides a calming effect. It was traditionally used to treat skin disorders such as measles, mumps, acne, etc. The same principle can be used to get antiaging effect. It is used in body oils, shampoos, skin tonics, and hair rinse-off product.