INCI: PVM/MA Decadiene crosspolymer.

What is PVM/MA Decadine Crosspolymer?

PVM/MA Decadiene crosspolymer is a synthetic polymer formed from polyvinylmethyl (PVM) ether and maleic acid (MA) monomers. These monomers are crosslinked to decadiene to form PVM/MA decadiene cross polymers. PVM/MA Decadiene crosspolymer and its salts are used in a wide variety of cosmetic products.

Use & Benefits:

PVM/MA Decadiene crosspolymer functions as a binder, film-forming agent, and viscosity controlling agent in cosmetic products. As a binding agent, it helps in binding or holding together the ingredient in a cosmetic product in the compressed cake or tablet form of a product. A binding agent can exert this effect with the requirement of the least possible wetting agent. And that’s how it prevents other ingredients of the product from falling apart. PVM/MA decadiene cross polymer has a bulky structure and various chemical groups help it form temporary bonds within the product to improve stability of the product. As a film-forming agent when applied on the surface of hair or skin, it can form a continuous layer. This layer may be protective, which can save the skin from further drying effect. This layer/film has water-binding properties that leave a silky and smooth effect on the skin. As a viscosity increasing agent, it increases the thickness of the solution and makes it less runny and easier to spread. It is used in recipes of make-up, hair sprays, mascara, sun care, and other skin and hair care products.

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