What is Adaptive Skincare®?

Adaptive Cosmetics®: the greatest revolution in cosmetics in the last 50 years

Your skin is unique, and it changes constantly.

Unlike traditional cosmetics, in Adaptive cosmetics the cosmetic is divided into two parts:
Hydration + Treatment.
Forget about buying thousands of different creams.

With Lesielle, create your perfect cream at home, in 30 seconds and simply by pressing a button.

Create your perfect cosmetic with Lesielle in 3 steps:


Moisturizing Base

Choose the base according to your skin type and the characteristics you prefer (texture, SPF, natural...)


Treatment Active

Choose up to 4 active ingredients depending on what you want to treat: wrinkles, spots...


Lesielle S device

Enter 1 base and up to 4 actives, press the button... And your single dose of fresh cream is ready to go!

1º: Enter up to 4 actives

2º: Place the base

3º: Push the button and pick up the cream

Revolutionary Innovation

But... What if your skin changes?
Forget about having thousands of different creams.

Adapt your cream to the changes in your skin.
We can show you how to create your treatment easily (or you can do our test and you will have it in 1 minute!)

More advantages of Lesielle

As you can see, adaptive cosmetics are made for each person (personalized) and also change with your skin (adaptive), so they are more effective than other creams.

In addition, it has many more advantages that make it the perfect cosmetic:.

Isolated Formulation™

Lesielle exclusive formulations

The Isolated Formulation created by Lesielle allows you to create a separate formula for each individual actives.

Thus, they are better preserved and more effective. In addition, this:

Increase the concentration of each active
Create almost impossible combinations so far
Increase the penetration of the active ingredients into the skin

Gender Neutral

No perfumes

By not wearing perfume, you are less likely to suffer from allergies, so everyone can use it.

Easy to choose

Easily create a complete treatment

We've designed everything to make it easy for you to choose what you need.

If you prefer, our APP can do this job for you.

Sensitive Skin

They finally have access to advanced treatments

With Lesielle, a new path is opened up, as each person can try the actives separately and use only those that are compatible with their skin.

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