INCI: Palmaria palmata extract

What is Palmaria palmata extract?

Dulse, a common name for a red algae Palmaria palmata, found in the coastal area of Atlantic Ocean near east of Canada and west of Europe and West coast of Africa. In Ireland and Scotland, it is known as dulse and very famous for its medicinal as well as cosmetic value. The plant is macerated in water and then centrifuged to get the extract of palmaria. It is used in fresh as well as dried condition. It is rich in trace elements and vitamins such as magnesium, calcium, iron, vitamin B folate, pantothenic acid, to name a few. It has a little amount of fat, amino acids, and cellulose.

Use & Benefits

Alga nourishes the skin because it is full of diversified nutrients, as mentioned earlier. It calms the irritated skin. Dry skin gets irritated with any of the environmental stimuli such as sunlight or wind etc. Irritated skin if not treated can lead to further damage such as deep wrinkles and uneven skin tone. In this case, Dulse extract moisturizes skin, it has a tendency of making a film when it comes in contact with skin or hair, and it preserves inherent moisture of skin as well as hydrates the skin. Properly moisturized skin is strong enough to counter any environmental stimulus. It has vitamins as its constituents, they help make skin layer strong and healthy since as we age certain levels of vitamins and minerals decline day by day if it is supplied from outside or topically it can help skin recover and appear better than before. It also helps at the cellular level to decrease production or distribution of melanin pigments. Thus, it is also known as skin whitening ingredient. It is used in skin care and hair care products.