Menthyl lactate

INCI: Menthyl lactate

What is Menthyl lactate?

Menthyl lactate is one of the menthol related cooling agents. It is formed from a combination of menthol and lactic acid. It is generally produced in two different forms, one as a crystalline white colored powder and another in a fused material, with slight minty flavor. It is a milder form of Menthol.

Use & Benefits

Menthyl lactate has a long-lasting and pleasant cooling effect. When in certain preparations there are many ingredients with different fragrances and those may produce a final product with a weird smell, in that case, menthyl lactate can be used to mask original taste or fragrance and produce the uniform effect. It has a refreshing effect as well, which can be helpful in powders, toothpaste, chewing gums and other oral care products.