INCI: Juniperus communis fruit oil / Juniperus communis fruit extract

What is Juniperus communis fruit oil / Juniperus communis fruit extract?

Juniper berries grow on a bushy shrub, in cold and temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. More precisely, North America, Asia and in Himalaya region. The essentials of berry can be obtained from distillation of berries. It comes as yellow colored liquid, terpenic odor. It contains many monoterpene hydrocarbons such as alpha-pinene, beta-pinene, myrcene, limonene, sabinene, etc.

Use & Benefits

juniper berry is mainly used as a fragrance ingredient. It also has a mild antibacterial effect, so it can be used as deodorant. It does not only provide fragrance but also kills bacteria that are responsible for body odor. It is mainly used in skincare products, perfumes, and fragrances.