Jojoba esters

INCI: Jojoba esters

What is Jojoba esters?

A mixture of jojoba esters and hydrogenated jojoba oil. The resulting mixing is wax texture.

Use & Benefits

Jojoba esters can be used as an emollient in formulas to moisturize and prevent the skin from drying out as it provides an occlusive layer on the skin.
Another use is a physical exfoliant; jojoba esters can be used as an alternative to plastic beads as they are more environmentally friendly. They are also a better alternative to fruit nut exfoliators since the surface is smooth and not jagged, which can cause tears in the skin, whereas the small jojoba beads give a gentle exfoliation and melt away.
It gives stability to the cosmetic product and allows for an easy application.
Used in creams, lotions, skincare