Sensitive skin

At last sensitive skin can have advanced treatments!

Sensitive skin is a world of its own; each skin reacting to a different ingredient.
That’s way Skincare created for this type of skin, are very simple;

With many being mere moisturizers with minimal Actives to ensure compatibility with almost any sensitive skin.

1: try out YOUR BASE

We have specific bases for sensitive skin (including dry mixed and oily)


Apply them one by one on a small area of ​​the skin to check if it is compatible. We recommend you start with the softest ones (softness indicated in each Active)

3: add them to the device and press the button

Introduce the base and Actives and press the button to create a cosmetic cream tailored to your sensitive skin.

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Perfume FREE

Perfumes are the biggest allergens.

By eliminating them, allergies and intolerances are reduced whilst compatibility with sensitive skins are increased.

Designed for maximum hygiene

Antibacterial surfaceS

Neither air nor particles are in contact with the interior


easy to clean surfaces

System "residue free"

the interior is totally clean

Discover the benefits of airless packaging

Fewer preservatives

Holds the same amount as any traditional cream, but with less preservatives.

Zero contact with the exterior

Neither air nor particles are in contact with the interior

minimalist FORMULATION

Allowing us to use less stabilising ingredients.
Which means less likelihood of allergens

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