More effective cosmetic active ingredients thanks to the Lesielle formulation concept. Maximum concentration and effectiveness

Active ingredients range

Each family is identified with a color and gives a different effect to the skin.
For example: choose an active ingredient from the red family to correct the signs of aging, a purple active ingredient to treat imperfections....
We explain each family below

Repair and correct signs
of aging improving
the appearance of skin
Protect skin from aging
and improve the overall appearance
Basic in any combination.
To correct imperfections,
blackheads, pores...
and get a smooth skin

Provide a brightening effect 
and correct spots to
improve skin tone
Protect your skin from the
environment and help 
to regenerate it
Selected for sensitive skins and those
with a tendency to have redness,
this active ingredient provides a calming effect  that helps your skin
to return to its natural state

Our cosmetic active ingredients advantages

Our highly concentrated cosmetic active ingredients are formulated using a large amount of pure active ingredients. But this is what everyone says, right? That's why we've decided that the only way to prove it, is to be one of the few cosmetic companies that tells you the exact percentage we actually use. 

In addition, as our cosmetic active ingredients are separated from the bases, we can focus on creating each active ingredient, a tailored formulation. This allows us to obtain an optimal and more effective treatment, well beyond the vast majority of cosmetics formulations.

High actives concentration
(always visible)

Minimalist formulation

Increased skin penetration

Greater efficacy

Active ingredients catalog

In our initial skin care active ingredients selection we have included, the most scientifically recognized and the most appreciated by the best possible evaluator: the clients. Here you will find everything you need to personalize your custom cosmetic, whatever concern you are looking to improve: anti-aging, redness, anti-fatigue, expression lines...this catalog is continuously growing so we encourage you to send us your favorite requests and active ingredients to include them. We really listen your requests.
As always, you will find both, the most advanced natural ingredients and in laboratory research so you can decide the type of active ingredients you want.

Anti-aging range

Antioxidants range

Imperfections range

Tone & spots range

Care & Protection range

Redness range