Hydroxyethyl piperazine ethane sulfonic acid

INCI: Hydroxyethyl piperazine ethane sulfonic acid

What is Hydroxyethyl piperazine ethane sulfonic acid?

Hydroxyethyl piperazine ethane sulfonic acid, also known as HEPES, is an organic and heterocyclic compound.

Use & Benefits

It is mainly used as a buffering agent in any formulation. It provides with neutral to basic pH (7.0-7.6 pH) in any formulation. It is mainly used in conjunction with acids, which can make the product unstable otherwise. When a buffer is added in any formulation, it helps maintain the quality of any product for a longer time. After topical application, the epidermal layer of skin gets an enzymatic treatment, which helps the dead skin cells to loosen and come off easily. Exfoliation helps get rid of dirt microbes as well as dead skin cells, making skin look eve-toned and youthful.