Adaptive Skincare

Create the personalized skincare your skin needs at every moment.

The world's first personalized skincare that changes with your skin.

100% Personalized.
100% Adaptive.

At home.
Just pushing one button.

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One of the greatest cosmetic innovations of the last 50 years.

Awarded with the prestigious "The Best of The Best" at the 2018 International Cosmoprof Cosmetics Awards.

Create your personalized skincare in 3 steps!


Choose your Base

Depending on your skin type, to give you the exact moisturization you need.
Also available with sunscreen.


Add your Actives

One for each sign you want to correct (dark spots, wrinkles, imperfections...).
You can use up to 4 at a time.


Create your skincare instantly with the award-winning Lesielle S

After inserting your base and actives, press the button and in a few seconds, you will get a 100% personalized and freshly made skincare single dose. If you want another one, press the button again.

Need something different? Change its properties whenever you want.

Up to 3 months of use with each refill!

We give you 30€ in treatments!

Your Lesielle Pack with an exclusive launch offer

To get it, just add it to your cart:

· 1 Lesielle S Device
· The Bases and Activesyou want

The discount will be automatically applied!

Discover your personalized treatment

In only 2 minutes!

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