INCI: Hexylresorcinol

What is Hexylresorcinol?

Hexyl laurate is an ester synthesized from hexyl alcohol and lauric acid.

Use & Benefits

Hexyl laurate is an ester with long-chain alcohol. It has more affinity for lipids than water. So, when it is applied on the surface of skin or hair, it forms an occlusive layer. This layer protects the skin from environmental damaging factor as well as prevents moisture escaping from the skin. It acts as an emollient, which makes skin softer and smoother. The lauric acid is also very much beneficial for skin since it is one of the lipid contents of the skin structure. It is used to increase the viscosity of the product. Hexyl laurate is also used as a solvent, in various products. It can be used in lipsticks, lip products, and other makeup product.