INCI: Diisostearyl trimethylolpropane siloxy silicate

What is Diisostearyl trimethylolpropane siloxy silicate?

Diisostearyl trimethylolpropane siloxy silicate is a polymer belongs to siloxane group and stearic acid. Stearic acid can be synthesized or naturally obtained.

Use & Benefits

The silicone polymers or siloxanes are excellent film formers. Diisostearyl trimethylolpropane siloxy silicate form a water-resistant film over hair or skin. This water repellent film has an advantage in terms of preserving moisture within the skin. This does not let the skin dry and the properly moisturized skin is the first and the foremost requirement of getting healthy skin. It is compatible with organic oils and waxes. It also possesses uniform spreadability and it provides a lubricating effect on the skin. It is used in skin care products, color cosmetics, sunscreen products, and protective skin care products.