Discover the first personal cream mixer

Saves time and effort

The device that does it all for you, at the touch of a button

The Lesielle S mixes the exact amount of each active and base so you don't have to do it by hand.

Internationally Awarded

One of the greatest innovations in cosmetics in the last 50 years

Awarded the prestigious “The Best of The Best” at the 2018 Cosmoprof Awards.

Easy to clean

Maximum hygiene

Everything is designed so that it can be cleaned quickly and easily.

Simple and intuitive

Designed down to the smallest detail

We wanted the Lesielle S to be very easy to use. Just one button, nothing more.

Take it on a trip!
Thanks to its small size, you can take it anywhere!
Also, if you travel by plane you will have no problem, since the containers are less than 100ml. 

Forget about charging it

Up to a month and a half on a single charge

The battery indicator will tell you when it needs charging.

You can charge it with the Micro-USB cable

Up to a month and a half on a single charge

It's included in your package!

Simple and fast

No need to set anything up

Enjoy your freshly made and personalized cream.

Personalize your Lesielle S

What's yours?

Matte White


Rose Gold

Matte Pink



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