After hydration, comes the, comes the treatment

What are Lesielle's treatment actives?

Lesielle's active ingredients are added to the moisturizing base to provide the cosmetic treatment our skin needs.

Wrinkles, blemishes, imperfections... Choose the ones you prefer and combine them to create your perfect treatment.

Range of Actives

The actives are divided into different ranges according to what you want to correct or prevent. Each family is identified by a colour for easy choice.


They visibly correct and repair the signs of aging, improving the appearance of the skin.


They help prevent the signs of skin aging and improve the overall appearance of the skin. Basic in any combination.

Tone & Spots

They brighten the face, improve tone and visibly correct spots.


They smooth the skin, give uniformity and correct imperfections (blackheads, pores, pimples, acne ...).

Protection & Care

They protect and care for the skin from the environment and external agents.


They provide a soothing effect that helps the skin return to its natural state.

If you're not sure which actives are right for you, we can help!

More advantages of Lesielle's Actives!

Gender Neutral

No Fragrance

By not adding fragrance, you are less likely to suffer from allergies, so everyone can use it.

They respect your skin

pH 4.7

We've designed everything to make it easy for you to choose what you need.

If you prefer, our APP can do this job for you.

Isolated Formulation™

Lesielle exclusive formulation

The Isolated Formulation created by Lesielle allows you to create a separate formula for each individual actives.

Thus, they are better preserved and more effective. In addition, this allows:

Increase the concentration of each active
Create almost impossible combinations so far
Increase the penetration of the active ingredients into the skin

Adapt it to the changes in your skin

But... What if your skin changes?

If you get the occasional pimple or redness, or if you travel to a polluted city... Change the actives you want!

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