What is Cetyl PEG or Cetyl Dimethicone copolyol?

It is a silicone/ siloxane, a copolymer of cetyl dimethicone with Dimethicone derivative which is alkoxylated containing an average of 1 mole of propylene oxide and 10 moles of ethylene oxide.

Use & Benefits

It carries water holding or binding capabilities, so provides a fair amount of moisture to the skin. It is a skin/hair conditioning agent. It gives a silky feel and good slip on the skin. It has a fair amount of trapping capacity, which is particularly beneficial in the release of active molecules for a longer time. This quality is particularly helpful in a night cream, sunscreen. It is used in skin care and makeup products such as lipstick, blush, foundation, concealer, eye cream, facial moisturizer, and anti-aging treatment.