INCI: Carbopol

What is Carbopol?

Carbopol is a carbomer and is produced by polymerization of acrylic acid to form polyacrylic acid which is a cross-linked, high-molecular-weight polymer. It is acidic in nature, after neutralizing it with potassium hydroxide or triethanolamine (TEA) it can be used in any formulation. It is water soluble, white powder.

Use & Benefits

It is specially made for cosmetics and used to formulate from free-flowing lotion to stiff hair gel. By changing it, concertation from a few percentages, desirable consistency can be achieved. It is not only a viscosity enhancer but also a stabilizer. It can help stabilize the preparation from freezing temperatures to high temperatures. It is mainly used in anti-aging formulas, body lotions, gels, and other body care products like foot care, sun care, facial care or eye care to name some of them.