INCI: Camellia oleifera seed oil

What is Camellia oleifera seed oil our Tea-oil camellia.” ?

Camellia oleifera is native to China, used especially for tea oil expressed from its seed. Because of this reason, it is also called “tea-oil camellia.” 
Oil obtained from the dried kernels from the Camellia Oleifera tree in India. The process is done by cold press and then subsequent refining.  Has a golden yellow colour and can be ‘known as the oil of Asia’

Use & Benefits

Tea-oil is used as seasoning and cooking oil, but it does have cosmetic importance as well. It has 80% of its content of oleic acid; monosaturated fatty acid belongs to omega-9 type group.   It is also a natural antioxidant just like other camellia species and deals with free radicals induced skin damage. The oil has high natural fat content and Vitamin E in it so it can be used as skin revitalizer, nourishing agent, skin smoothening agent as well as emollient. It works great in hair care products as well. The Seed extract is also used as emulsifier, surfactant, foaming agent in any formulation. Also, sometimes used along with AHAs to minimize any skin irritation caused by AHAs.
Has high emollient and moisturizing benefits that will help soothe and moisturise the skin and get rid of dry flaky skin. The oil contains 70-85% fatty acids this will help repair impaired skin barrier function to stop moisture from leaving it. Has a high percentage of antioxidant vitamin E which is an antioxidant that will help protect against UV ray damage on the skin. It also contains Squalene around 3% this compound is normally produced by the body and is a great emollient that wont clog pores which is affiliated with causing acne.
Used in many products marketed for dry skin, eczema.