What causes wrinkles on the face?

What causes wrinkles on the face?

Do you look in the mirror and see the first signs of aging? Small lines around the eyes, at the corners of the lips and between the eyebrows beginning to appear. Don’t worry! With the correct beauty treatment, they will tend to disappear and you will be able to keep them at bay for much longer. But first, let's learn what they are and why they appear on our face.

What are wrinkles?

Wrinkles are folds in our skin produced by the loss of Collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronic Acid. The skin becomes thinner and the epidermis does not retain enough moisture, which causes the skin to stop remaining firm and uniform.
The first wrinkles usually appear in specific places of our face:

  • On the forehead as grooves in the eyebrows and are known as "frown lines".

  • The famous "crow's feet" or "laughter lines" usually appear around the eyes. The skin near the eye is much thinner than the rest of the face and, therefore, is more prone to expression lines.

  • Joining the nose and mouth leave deeper wrinkles due to the loss of volume in our skin

Factors that cause wrinkles on the skin

The natural aging of the skin is determined to a large extent by our genetics. The decrease in collagen generated by our skin makes the passage of nutrients from the dermis to the epidermis more difficult. In addition, the decrease in the activity of the sebaceous glands changes the ability of the skin to recover like before, becoming thinner and delicate.

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In addition to our genetics, there are also external factors that can promote the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, causing them to deepen and be more prominent.

  • Sun. Sun exposure damages and dries out our skin producing what is known as photo-aging.

  • Not taking care of the skin with an adequate treatment adapted to your personal needs nor moisturizing the skin as needed, can cause the fine lines to appear earlier than expected.

  • Unhealthy habits such as poor nutrition, lacking in antioxidants, or smoking, will be reflected back in our skin such as premature aging.

Anti-wrinkle cosmetic treatments

To correct the wrinkles or expression lines, there are specific anti-aging beauty actives, which in combination with a suitable moisturizing base, will help to correct and prevent the signs of aging. Need some help? Let's do it together:

First, it is important to choose a specific hydration cream (avoid creams that use terminology such as "mature skin" or "young", since these descriptions don’t indicate skin type). With Lesielle, we simply choose the base according to our skin type, with a texture that we prefer the most.

During the day, if we are going to be exposed to the sun, it is highly recommended to choose a base that includes sun protection (SPF).

Secondly, chose a treatment; you can combine up to 4 actives. To create an anti-wrinkle treatment, the best combination is: Anti-aging for correction + Antioxidant for prevention + Exfoliating for smoothing the skin; improving texture and appearance.

In the anti-aging range we find, for example:

  • Retinol as the base of anti-aging treatment provided that our skin is not sensitive (as it can irritate a little) has two concentrations available. Start with the smallest amount Leiselle offers then increase the amount.

  • The peptides treatment are at the forefront of research and are very gentle on the skin.

  • Vitamin B3 or Niacinamide. The anti-aging active especially indicated for sensitive skin.

If you need an anti-aging treatment for sensitive skin take a look at this post.

There are several antioxidants to prevent aging there are several, however, at Lesielle we have selected two:

  • Vitamin C is the antioxidant, illuminating and anti-stain star ingredient

  • Resveratrol protects us from external agents, takes care of sensitive skin and helps regenerate the skin.

We choose an exfoliant according to the type of skin.


Antiaging treatment

Would you like to add a fourth active? You can also reinforce your cream with a second active anti-aging or add the Anti-pollution active if you live in a polluted area.

As you can see, at Lesielle you can choose the actives you need to create the perfect treatment for your skin. Do not hesitate; join the #AdaptiveSkincare

Do you know what actives and bases your skin needs?

Discover it in just 2 min!

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