Sport and skin, is there such a thing as sports creams?

Sport and skin, is there such a thing as sports creams?

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For the care of our skin we usually resort to a healthy diet, good hydration and, of course, a good cosmetic treatment. If you are one of those who strictly comply with these three rules, you can include a fourth one: sport.

If you haven't been up to it yet, perhaps you should know all the advantages that practicing sport brings to your skin frequently. Some of the benefits of exercise on your skin are spectacular!

How do physical activities affect the skin?

Losing fat or increasing muscle aren't the only advantages of playing sports. Exercising helps to stimulate circulation and promote the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the whole body. This oxygenation results in better skin colour, a smoother texture and a more youthful appearance. In addition, doing continuous sport reduces the chances of having acne because of the removal of toxins from our body.

Temporarily, sensitive skin that is prone to couperose, can be affected by the vasodilator effect of doing sport and stimulating blood circulation as it also increases body temperature, appearing red spots on the skin after exercise. But don't worry, it's temporary it will pass very soon and yet the benefits are long term.

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What people with Sensitive Skin have to take into account is that the effects of pollution (including free radicals), extreme temperatures or the sun, affect sensitive skin to a greater extent when we practice sport. All this can be solved with a good skin care routine that includes sun protection and with hydration and active principles to protect it.

What are the benefits of exercise for the skin?

Exercise has many positive effects on the body and skin. Here are a few of them to encourage you to practice a workout routine if you haven't already:

  • Physical training can alleviate inflammation. Las myocytes are peptides that are released with physical exercise and seem to have the power of reverse aging of the skin structure. In addition, these myocytes have anti-inflammatory effects on both skin diseases (such as Rosacea), such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

  • By sweating, our bodies help us get rid of blackheads and acne. This happens because sweat removes dirt from the entire surface of the skin and the skin becomes much cleaner and brighter. Sport is the best detox routine!

  • The skin stays younger, even "rejuvenates"!  As we get older, the stratum corneum of our skin thickens (the top layer, the one we see and touch) and the lower layers begin to thin and lose cells and elasticity. 

  • University McMaster (Ontario, Canada) has proven that the myocytes we mentioned before have the power to make the internal structure of the skin more similar to young skin. The most incredible thing is even people who didn't have the habit, "rejuvenated" the internal structure of the skin after a season of exercise,  which proves it's never too late to start.


  • The blood circulation leads to more blood and oxygen to the skin. The result of this process: more nutrients and more energy for the cells, including the skin cells. The skin becomes more radiant and full of life - ideal if your skin is dull!

  • Relieves stress. When doing sport, our body releases various hormones such as serotonin and endorphins, which block stress, one of the factors that affects the appearance of the skin, which looks more dull and opaque. 

  • Helps to eliminate dark circles. You know how? Exercising makes you sleep better at night!

  • Improves color and brightness of the skin When we practice sport we can see that our skin gets a pink tone and a healthier color after physical activity by increasing oxygen in the blood. Perfect for illuminating the faces extinguished.

Tips for taking care of your skin when you practice sport

As we have already seen, exercise has a beneficial effect on the state of the body in general and of the skin in particular. But we must follow a couple of simple tips for our skin to take advantage of all these benefits of sport:

  • Use Sun protection when doing sports outdoors, especially in times of intense sunshine. This way you will protect your skin from photoaging and other diseases. Especially useful can be the physical or inorganic type protectors because they resist more to sweat (these are the ones included in our bases for sensitive skin with SPF).

Sweating can increase the risk of sunburn. Include in your SPF cosmetic

  • Practice exercise without makeup.  Sweat is good for removing all the toxins from our body and also making our skin cleaner. If we apply a sports bb cream,  or regular ones it can block the pores stopping sweat from coming out this can cause spots from the excess dirt. Another factor could be that sports creams ingredients (sports cosmetics) or normal cosmetic ingredients may contain comedogenic ingredients which are acne induing.

  • Moisturize your skin: especially in winter and if you exercise outdoors, protect your skin with a good moisturizer to prevent it from drying out in the cold. In addition, good hydration prevents wrinkles and expression lines on the skin.

Don't forget good hydration, drink water often while practicing sport.

Healthy skin and exercise? Do it with Lesielle 

To create a Lesielle treatment you just need to know what your skin type is and what you need to treat. Although the active ingredients depend on the treatment you want to get, here are some options that are especially useful for people who tend to play sports:

Moisturizing Base (with sun protection SPF 30 if you will be in the sun) + Active according to your objectives.

  • Moisturizing base with SPF: To protect the skin from photo-aging if you do sports outdoors, both in winter and summer.

 Lesielle SPF30 sunscreen bases for sensitive skin use physical or inorganic protectors that have a dry touch texture that stays better on the skin.

  • An exfoliant: adding Salicylic Acid (if you have normal to oily skin) or Glycolic Acid (if you have normal to dry skin) to your routine promotes the removal of dirt on the skin dead cells after sports.

  • Do you live in a polluted city? Include in your treatment the Anti-Pollution Active to combat the negative effects of pollution by forming a protective layer around your skin against Pm 2.5, free radicals and heavy metals.

  • Do you want to reinforce the action of sun protection? Add Vitamin E, C or Resveratrol to your treatment. They are antioxidants that, in addition to preventing aging act in reinforcing the sun protection in the cosmetic.

Remember: prolonged sunbathing leads to the appearance of sunspots.

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