Routine face care for winter

Routine face care for winter

In winter, the skin has specific needs due to external agents such as cold and sudden changes in temperature. Winter facial care should focus on protection against temperature changes, using special products for all the problems they can cause.

Cold is not the best ally for the skin, especially if we are talking about sensitive skin, where problems such as dryness occur, which in turn translates into cracks and irritability. Although it may seem a purely aesthetic matter, if precise measurements are not taken, the state of health of the skin may be affected.

Main skin problems in winter

When the skin is exposed to cold winter temperatures, there are numerous adverse effects that can damage it, making its care and protection even more important. Here are some of the most common effects:

1. The cold limits the arrival of oxygen and sufficient nutrients to the skin cells, so it will be very dull and flaky. This causes a feeling of tightness, as it cannot secrete the natural fat the skin has to lubricate it.

2. The skin suffers from the harsh conditions of cold, dryness, wind, rain and pollutants, so if a skin is already sensitive in itself, it will become more strained by these factors. Normal skin will also be affected by the change in weather, making it more dull and unprotected.

3. Extreme cold suspends the function of the sebaceous glands, which lubricate, nourish and protect the skin against external agents. Without them, the skin loses the ability to retain water and, in the end, this results in dryness of the dermis and even cracks.


Winter Facial Care

Today, thanks to advances in science and technology, there are specific solutions to protect the skin and prevent dehydration. Beyond a facial cream or a quick treatment, caring for the skin of this area is linked to a change in habits and the use of cosmetic products that provide nutrients and vitamins to help establish their hydration levels. At this point, a good combination of natural and synthetic ingredients is especially important, as they provide a good balance between hydration and nutrition.


One of the important steps is to use an anti-age or moisturizing cream that is specific to your skin to prevent skin deterioration. Lesielle's new made-to-measure cosmetics incorporates all the benefits of treating dry, sensitive skin that tends to get more damaged when exposed to the cold.

For skin cleansing, it is important to avoid the use of even more drying soaps, aggressive exfoliators or other products such as alcohol tonics or cleaning brushes. In these cases, it is best to use mild cleansing milk that does not remove the natural oil from the skin and hydration.

Showers should be with warm water, never very hot, since it will encourage dehydration. The use of rehydrating shower oils may be a more favorable option because they counteract moisture loss and include an oily base that protects the skin. After bathing, it is important to use a moisturizing lotion so that the body has all the hydration it needs at this time of year.

Also, don't forget to take care of your lips and hands, as these are the areas most sensitive to the cold. For this, using specific moisturizers is important, as well as avoiding other related problems.

As far as possible, sudden changes in temperature should be avoided by moderating contrasts between zones and using heating efficiently.

Finally, it is advisable not to neglect food, since a good diet leads to a nourished organism, and with it, a stronger skin and protect against adverse external agents such as cold or pollution.


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