Belén Jerónimo: "I'm always looking for innovations. Now, Lesielle has entered our lives."

Belén Jerónimo: "I'm always looking for innovations. Now, Lesielle has entered our lives."

autor By Rubén Rubiales, Pharmacist

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We love to share the Lesielle world with you.

On this occasion, we are especially excited to introduce you to one of the first people who saw the possibilities and advantages that the Lesielle Adaptive Skincare. She is Belén Jerónimo, the Lesielle Distributor in Talavera and possibly one of the most passionate people in the world of professional cosmetics that we have ever met.

“Leave your skin in my hands” is the motto of a professional with more than 36 years of experience in the service of skincare. As she tells us, her passion, which is also her vocation, has led her to a tireless search for the best cosmetic treatments for her clients who she already considers as friends.

As Belén is a professional of reference, we wanted to do a little interview with her to share with you Belen´s and her clients experience with the new Lesielle Adaptive Skincare.

We hope you enjoy it as we do!

"Belen, you are one of the reference beauty centers in Talavera. For those who don't know you: could you tell us a little more about yourself?"

Belén: "I've dedicated my whole life to facial esthetics. 37 years, no more, no less! I have to tell you that when I was a child, I used to go into the bathroom (hiding from my mother) and I put on me everything that I found in the little closet, more than one scolding I got when I came out like a clown...

I love my profession, I live it and enjoy it. I consider myself a beautician by profession and vocation. I like to share good times with my clients, some of them already good friends after so many years. I always try to offer them the best and, for that, I am always looking for novelties. Now, at this moment, Lesielle has entered our lives."

How do you know Lesielle?

B: "One day, two years ago on TV, I saw an interview with two guys who were presenting a very innovative cosmetic project that I loved to see right away and I wanted to know more. I thought:

"This is what I want for my clients and me."

I called and contacted Rubén (CEO and Co-Founder of Lesielle), who attended me with all the patience and kindness that characterizes him. We talked for over an hour at the time and I liked everything he told me about Lesielle."

What features of Lesielle Adaptive Skincare won you over?

B: "That it's a wonder. How often do you need a cosmetic for someone with a certain problem, but it turns out that they have an active that doesn't suit them? Or, for example, the active ingredient they need is a cream that they could not use because of its excessively fatty texture.

Now with Lesielle, we can even recommend any base or active ingredient including Sun Protection, which is already difficult to find on the market for certain skins. There are hundreds of combinations for all skin types and needs."

How would you rate the value for money of their products?

B: "I think it's great! We all like to have a wonderful cream at a price we can afford."

How has been received Lesielle by your clients?

B: "They love the idea of being able to have a very good cream, specific for each skin, to their preferences, personalized for whatever needs, and to be able to adapt it to any circumstance or time of the day or night. "

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Your favorite actives and bases?

B: "I've always been a lover of light textures. I like all of them, even sensitive skin with sun protection because it gives it a special light when it's physically filtered.

As far as the active ingredients are concerned, I couldn't choose, because each one enhances the other and there are so many possibilities that I haven't had time to try them all yet.

I'm happy to change my base at any time with the same active ingredients, or the other way around. I love the ones I've already tried, the skin looks well cared and protected at all levels."

What do you think about the cosmetics that are advertised "for all skin types"?

B: "I have never used "all skin type" cosmetics, nor have I ever recommended them for home use. I like, as a professional beautician, that each type of skin can use its specific products."

Finally, could you describe Lesielle in one sentence

B: "A world of magnificent cosmetic combinations for infinite skin."

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