INCI: Bambusa vulgaris extract

What is Bambusa vulgaris extract?

Bamboo needs no introduction, and it is native to China and Japan.  Bamboo extract constituents and qualities vary slightly depending on the source. For example, sap obtained from leaves has more emollient properties. Mainly bamboo extract contains glycosides, amino acids, phenolic acids, and flavones.

Use & Benefits

Flavones in bamboo, are natural antioxidants. They fight with free radicals or ROS- reactive oxygen species and helps skin recover from oxidative stress it has undergone. Glycosides are mild astringent as well; they carry out mild exfoliating effect along with providing the astringent effect. It has skin soothing property as well as it may help make skin tone even. It holds moisture on to the skin and doesn’t let it escape into the atmosphere. So, it makes dull and dry skin - moist and soft.