INCI: Andiroba oil

What is Andiroba oil?

Andiroba oil is obtained from the seeds, stem, and leaves of andiroba tree. The tree is very tall, sometimes up to approx 300 ft tall, found in Brazil, Guyana, and Columbia. Andiroba oil contains omega 3 fatty acids, limonoids, myristic acid, and linolenic acid to name a few. In Brazil, the plant is used for years in different ailments.

Use & Benefits:

Andiroba oil has omega 3 fatty acid, which readily absorbed into the skin to provide its anti-inflammatory effect. The linolenic acid, studies have shown helps skin heal faster in case of psoriasis and age-related spots by slowing down the skin cell growth. Myristic acid, in andiroba oil, provides anti-wrinkle effect. It is part of an enzyme that helps to hold skin proteins together to form a tight outer skin protective layer.  Limonoids, another constituent of andiroba oil, improves circulation within the skin layer, also relieves swelling and pain.  A fatty constituent of oil also help retain moisture on the skin and helps another ingredient to penetrate skin layer, thus provides synergistic properties in any formulation.

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