INCI: Ananas sativus fruit extract

What is Acacia Farnesiana Flower Extract or Bromeline?

Ananas sativus is a biological name for pineapple. The sweet and refreshing fruit extract is refreshing for our body inside out.  Pineapple extract is made using the core and the stem f the plant.

Use & Benefits:

Pineapple fruit extract contains bromelain-which is a proteolytic enzyme, saccharides, AHAs and Vitamin C. Due to the presence of VitaminC - antioxidant, it saves skin from free radical damage. Presence of AHAs, gives the extract mild exfoliating property, that removes dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, makes dull skin looking vibrant again. It contains an enzyme, which is a natural anti-inflammatory, protects cut and damaged skin from further damage by environmental microbes. Also Due to saccharides, it has moisturizing property. It holds the moisture along and heals dry skin.


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