INCI: Ammonium laureth sulfate

What is Ammonium laureth sulfate?

Ammonium laureth sulfate is a shorter form of ammonium lauryl ether sulfate.  It is a surfactant or wetting agent. It helps by reducing the surface tension of water. It has both hydrophobic long chain at the end of structure and salt as a hydrophilic moiety at the beginning of the structure. Ethoxylated alcohol is another name for ammonium laureth sulfate.

Use & Benefits:

Ethoxylation of ammonium lauryl sulfate makes it larger molecule, so it does not penetrate in the skin. It lies on the surface of skin or hair and acts as a surfactant removing dirt and oil making the skin or hair it smoother and clean. Even though it is a gentle cleanser like all surfactants it may be irritating to sensitive skin.
It also acts as an emulsifying agent. It is used in shampoos, skin cleansers, and toothpastes.

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