INCI: Adenosine triphosphatase

What is Adenosine triphosphatase?

Adenosine triphosphatase, in short form known as, ATP, is quite a known term.  ATP is the main form of energy body needs for almost each, and every task in body cells. Skin is the largest organ it uses most of ATP to sustain its functions. 

Use & Benefits:

When topically applied, It increases the synthesis of skin proteins –collagen and elastin-, and improves skin texture, tightens flabby skin and fine lines. It improves blood circulation in the epidermis, repairs damaged skin cells. Adenosine has shown powerful properties like an anti-wrinkling agent. It penetrates deeply into the skin to visibly reduce wrinkles and UV sun damage. It is particularly effective for crow’s feet and forehead frown lines.

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