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Everything has a beginning

2016, March, Switzerland, a breakfast.

It was in this scenario where Lesielle was born when Rubén, founder and CEO, shared with his partner Sophie a thought about cosmetics today:

"here are thousands of cosmetics on the market and I can't find one that fits my skin 100%.
And I'm not surprised, because each skin is unique and yet cosmetics are not.

Wouldn't it be great to have the perfect cosmetic, instead of having to settle for what's on the market?"

"Let's go further!"

We needed to find a way to create a custom cosmetic but in a simple, fast and affordable way, so that everyone could enjoy it.

We said, "Let's go further; if the skin is constantly changing, the cosmetic should be able to do it too."

This is how the world's first adaptive skincare was born so that, in just 3 seconds, each person can create their perfect skincare at home and change it whenever they want.

Our core


The first affordable custom-made cosmetics.

Because innovation must be available to everyone.


Lesielle is designed so that you are the center of everything.
Because we can' t create your ideal cosmetic without you.


Several of our products are created from your experiences.

Let's keep growing.


Siempre mostramos de forma clara el porcentaje de nuestros activos.

Porque todo el mundo tiene el derecho de saber lo que compra.


The founders of Lesielle have grown up with a deep environmental awareness.

That's why we work every day to reduce the ecological footprint as much as possible.

In just 3 years, Lesielle has become an international referent
in cosmetics and innovation


Lesielle is born


Selected for the Minerva program

Patent applied for the Lesielle device

Winners of the Andalusian Innovation Award 2017


Winners of the Best Investable Project Award at the Keiretsu Investment Forum

Successfully funded on the crowdfunding Kickstarter platform

Winners of the "The Best of the Best" award at the Cosmoprof Awards 2018 (the most important prize in world cosmetics)

Winners of the Andalucía Emprende Awards 2019

Chosen as one of the World' s 100 Best Startups by the South Summit

After 3 years of research and development, we are ready for the market!

Next-generation facilities:
only the highest cosmetic quality

They talk about us

Expert opinions about Lesielle:

“The best that can be shared is knowledge"

- Alain Ducasse

We love to share our knowledge!

Here are some of the lectures we have given:

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The team that makes Lesielle possible:

Rubén Rubiales

Founder & CEO

Pharmacist specialized in Industry and Formulation

Alberto Portillo

Co-founder & CTO

Aeronautical Engineer

Inma Santiago

Head of Design

Industrial Design and Product Development Engineer

Francisco Fortes


Business Development & Distribution

Raúl Adell

Full Stack Developer

Superior Technician in Software Development

Cristina Vidal

Marketing & Communication

Journalist + Master in Digital Marketing


Graphic Designer

Bachelor of Fine Arts + Graduate in Graphic Design


Product Development Engineer

Industrial Design and Product Development Engineer

Sophie Suter

Co-founder & Advisor

Development of the Lesielle concept

Samuel Monsalve


Electronic Engineer

Claudia Jr.

3D printer

Manufacture of prototypes and accessories

Bring Connections

SEO & UX (User Experience)

ALEM Comunicación