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Is it possible a personalized skin care affordable to everyone?
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Simple: create your custom skin care in 2 steps.

1- Pick out your favourite base (there is a catalog for each skin type)

2- Choose your treatment. Combine until 4 actives.

Just push a button

Pushing the button you will create a single dose of personalized skin care.
Each bottle can be use up to 1-2 months.

If your skin needs change, your skin care should too

With Lesielle you can create a different custom skin care each time.

The idea behind Lesille: 

To separate base and actives

The skin and needs of each person are unique and therefore no cosmetic is perfect for everyone. The traditional cosmetics brands create cosmetics that work well for the majority but are not perfect for anyone. This is the main reason why custom beauty products are a major trend today

By choosing the base and treatment separately you can create your perfect skincare:

- Bases provide hydration, protection and sensations in the skin.
- Concentrated cosmetics actives provide the perfect treatment.

And even more important, you can change it whenever you want to adapt it to the situation.

Create in home your personalised skin care

Our cosmetic actives  

· High concentration (always shown in the bottle)
 More effective thanks to our isolated formulation
· Wide catalogue to choose
· Combine them to create an exclusive tailored treatment

Choose selecting your concerns

Repair and correct signs
of age improving
the appearance of the skin
Basics in any skin care
routine as they protect
and prevent from aging
To correct imperfections,
blackheads, pores...
and get a smooth skin

If you want a brightening effect 
and correct spots
this is your range of actives
Protect your skin and help 
to regenerate it with the
protection actives range
Selected for sensitive and
redness tendency skins, this actives
provide a calming effect that helps
your skin to return to its natural state

Bases adapted to your skin

· One catalogue for each skin type
· Test and select your favorites bases: light, nutritive, cream-gel...
or use them depending on the situation:  for example: light during the day and nutritive for the night
· Also available in natural range
· Available with SPF solar protection factor

For all types of skin

Bases rich in
oils and fats

Bases with a good balance of
 oils and fats
Bases with low proportion of
  oils and fats
but more humectants
Bases with low amounts of
selected oils and fats
and/or a large amount of humectant
Bases made with ingredients
specially selected for
sensitive skins

Textures based in your preferences

Nutritive, light, melt-on-the-skin, velvet touch, gel....

Choose how your custom skin care will feel in every application

All this is possible
thanks to our 
patented device

Our vision: a new cosmetic where the cream adpats to the person and not the opposite.
The Lesielle device allows you to create 100% unique & personalized cosmetics in less than 3 seconds.
Just choose the right base for your skin and a combination of high concentrated active to create a tailor-made treatment at any time.

Available in different colors

You can personalized even our device. Already available in black & white.
More options coming soon.

Elegant, discreet and wireless design.
No more bathrooms full of cosmetics bottles

Designed down to the smallest detail,
it will suit perfect in your bathroom or dresser and you will save place. 

Finally, custom skin care for everyone

Affordable price

From the beginning one of the key aspect for was making Lesielle affordable to everyone. Today we can proudly say that we have achieved it and custom skin care regime is a luxury reachable to everyone.

Women and Men

Most of brands limit Men skin care to 1 or 2 products, often basics so not very effectives. The founder team believes in equality and therefore we wanted that men can enjoy this new concept as well. The good news is that this is easy to do: it is just needed to remove the fragrances. Surprised? Men and women skins are not as different as you may believe. Have you ever seen topical medications with male and female versions?
By eliminating fragrances we have achieved 3 benefits:
1- Reduced allergies and intolerances
2- The act itself of not using any fragrance in your skin care, so it will not be mixed up with you perfume.
3- Men can finally use advanced treatments. Often, the best skin care products are women focused, so men cannot use them because of the feminine fragrance.

Sensitive Skin

We follow a philosophy of minimalist formulation. This means that we only use the necessary ingredients and we eliminate the superfluous.
This help us to reduce the risks of allergies, improve the treatment effectiveness and better preserve the cosmetic actives.
In addition, as actives and bases are separated, if you have a very sensitive skin, you can try each part separately and if any of them is not compatible with your skin, you just have to change it for an alternative with the same effect. Simple, isn´t it?

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