INCI: Alchemilla vulgaris extract / Alchemilla vulgaris leaf extract

Qu'est-ce que l'Alchemilla vulgaris extract / Alchemilla vulgaris leaf extract ou extrait d'Alchemilla vulgaris / extrait de feuilles d'Alchemilla vulgaris?

L'extrait de manteau de la dame est un extrait d'alchémille, une plante herbacée, originaire d'Amérique du Nord, d'Europe et d'Asie. Les parties aériennes de la plante sont plus utiles sur le plan médical et cosmétique. Elle contient des tanins tels que la pédonculagine, des flavonoïdes de l'acide salicylique, des triterpènes principalement. L'extrait est un liquide légèrement à moyennement ambré avec une odeur caractéristique, préparé à partir de feuilles.

Utilisation et bénéfices:

It has flavonoids and phenolic acids in its extract, those are actually powerful antioxidants internally as well as externally on the skin. Antioxidants typically fight against the oxidative as well as free radical damage and help skin gain its normal pattern of synthesizing skin protein back. As a result, there may be improvement in fine lines and wrinkles and skin may start looking younger. Tannins and salicylic acid from the extract are astringents. They work on the surface of skin with proteins and tightens pores, makes skin look tighter. It also conditions the skin. It also marketed for improvement of stretch marks, since it expedites healing process and collagen turn over process on the skin, which helps skin recover faster. It is used in anti-stretch mark creams, other skincare products, and creams and lotions.